The dreaded part of writing: grammar and punctuation

When students remember grade school, they think of things like playing duck-duck-goose at recess, learning the capital of every state in the U.S. and mesmerizing our times tables to the point we could talk about them in our sleep. Often times, when you ask a student to remember what they learned in regards to grammar and punctuation, they’ll give you a blank stare until they mumble something incoherent under their breath.

When we think about writing a blog, a feature article or even a 10-page term paper, we more often than not focus more on just getting the writing done before its due than really thinking about how it needs to be written.


( Associated Press Stylebook joins iTunes application world in 2009.

It’s become second hand nature for those writing a text or sending a tweet to skip the basics. Something as simple as a comma or capitalizing a letter has become continuously ignored.

Now more than ever, having the ability to use proper grammar and punctuation in your writing is a skill that employers are looking for. If you can send an email that isn’t formatted like a tweet or text that looks like it was written by a five year old, you’re more likely to land a job, especially in the public relations or communication field.

The best tool for writers, journalists and public relations professionals today is the AP stylebook which is now available on iTunes as an iPhone application. The stylebook provides in-depth details about all grammar, punctuation and spelling usages a journalist writing for a newspaper or a student writing a 10 page term paper can use.

With advancing technology, students will now be able to carry their stylebooks with them everywhere they go. Young or old, writers will always be able to check on their grammar and punctuation usages before handing in a final piece of work.


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